How to Use VPN for Data Security on the Internet

VPN or Virtual Private Network has become more popular in recent years, what vpn is best and how to use a VPN? Itis so easy, some say that VPN is a reaction to online security fears. However, it is undeniable that VPN help many people enjoy streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube which are blocked in several countries.

How to use a VPN through the application

This is the easiest way to use VPN. All you have to do is download and install the VPN application on a desktop PC or mobile device. Once successful, continue to sign up to enter the application, then press the Connect button to find a server that can be used. There are also several popular VPN applications to choose from, Tunnelbear, ExpressVPN, and Avira Phantom VPN. Some of them are provided free of charge, only the service is limited. Even if you have to pay, the price applied is still safe and affordable. In addition, most VPN applications provide a free trial so you can try first. Then, determine which application is chosen according to your needs.

How to use VPN on Windows 10

In addition to using the application, you can actually configure Windows 10 manually.

From the desktop or laptop screen, click the Network icon at the bottom right of the taskbar, then select Network Settings.

  • Look for the VPN option and click Add a VPN Connection.
  • In the VPN provider section, select Windows (built-in)
  • In the VPN type section, select Automatic
  • In the Type of sign-in info section, select the User name and password.

Next, fill in the Connection name and Server name or address.
Scroll down, you will find a place to enter your username and password for the VPN. Enter the information provided by your VPN service. When finished, click Save and close Settings.

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